We Never Lost Our Roots
We Just Forgot Them

Returning to an agrarian life, in a pocket neighborhood, is one way to find your way home.

With a vision to help revive small rural villages, we are inviting you to explore the region of Central Portugal.

We’re creating a village-in-a-village. A social club and online platform that welcomes and integrates new residents to the local culture and experiences.

Kasaba focuses on reinvigoration rather than gentrification, working together with neighbors to find a balance. Enriching the heart of a place, while bringing new ideas and energy where the population is declining.

You can be part of this movement, and get help to find your home, secure your visas and meet your neighbors.


If you are ready to step into a new way of living, join our slowly growing community of self-responsible, freedom loving people gently landing in the heart of Portugal. Sign up to receive updates and information on how to get involved.